Who are you in relationship to how you understand time? Is there enough time in each day for you? Modern science has explained space, but they still have not fully explained time. Time is the inexplicable intelligent substance of everything. With time everything is possible, but without time, nothing? The infinite supply of time is a miracle. You do agree don’t you? It is a concept that goes beyond the comprehensible vastness of astonishing. When we examine the idea of time, oh, you mean that you simply do not have time to try to understand time? By the way, when was the last time that you examined time in relationship to YOUR LIFE? Each day we wake up and you discover that day has been magically granted another twenty four hours! 24 hours to experience the unmanufactured cellular fibers in the universe of your life! Time is the most wonderful of possessions. No other human being can take these 24 hours from you. Well, not with out your participation anyway. Time is not for sale today or any other day. It can never be stolen. No other human being receives more or less than you receive. Isn’t that right? Your use and understanding of time is the ideal linear democracy! So where do you stand on the boundaries of your time? In the multidimensional realm of time there are not higher or lower levels of wealth or intelligence. Time does not judge anything or anyone. Time does not punish you or anyone else. In fact, you can waste your time as much as you would like, and the supply will just keep on keeping on, never be withheld from you. You cannot waste tomorrow or the future because the universe is mass producing more of it just for you. So, now that your attention has been kept, and you are fully activated, what is your next move? Your happiness is the goal for each and everything that you do. Think about it, WHY do you DO the things that you do….to be happy of course. So, what will happen when science DOES actually fully explain TIME? What does this mean for the nature of our thoughts and our desire to experience things?

Time travel anyone?

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