Painting, 5 Forms.

Originally uploaded by The ART of Ryan Seslow.

A new composition study based on 4 individual paintings. This will be a large series of pieces executed in oil stick, oil paint, and acrylic paint. The size has yet to be determined because I will make several variations. The original paintings, a series of 4, sold to a collector in southern New Jersey in 2009. I liked the paintings so much that it was hard to let them go. After the sale, I began playing with the individual images by turning them into drawings, stencils, and silk screens. I am still working out ideas with the printed matter, but I will make a return back to a more traditional approach as I feel the forms themselves are very strong. Mixed with vibrant day glow like color, the eye flows easily around the exterior contour lines while bouncing from color to color. These images are based on a series drawings that I did in 2006. The drawings are taken from a series of clay reduction sculptures that were fired and never glazed. The sculptures were created horizontally, but I find that they work better as vertical forms tuned flat.