Artist Profile:: Ted Mikulski

I met Ted Mikulski on twitter over two years ago. We connected right away. He is one of the most energetic and prolific artists that I know. He does more than dabble in several different mediums, he integrates them all together through a unique experimentation process. Ted’s style is self expressive, witty and also production based. Ted is a leader and a teacher. He has a lot to say and share. I witnessed this right from the start of our connection. Effortlessly, Ted organizes many different things together to find their relationships and their contrasts. He activates people to new levels of awareness. He is the author of a great book titled: “Art is Dead”. The book questions art appreciation in America. You can check it out here – Ted has been showing his work quite a bit this year. He had a solo show and curated a group exhibition in the Chapman gallery at Iona College where I teach intro and intermediate sculpture, as well as art appreciation. They were two of the best shows that I had experienced this year in that space. I can’t leak the details as of yet, but I will be participating in a big three-man show this coming spring in NYC with Ted and Borbay. We are all looking forward to it. The connections that I have made with these artists continue to prove the power of social media.

Artist :: Ted Mikulski

“Ted Mikulski is an innovative artist with a studio based in Connecticut. Ted studied architecture and applies his knowledge of space and form to his art. He likes large surfaces, which allow him to be freer with paint and material in order to express an overall concept. He combines media to develop figurative and non-figurative elements to work in the cohesion of an exhibition or presentation space. Originally known for his abstract expressionism, he has branched out into installation work and pop-art hybrids. As an accomplished author and adjunct professor, he is an emerging figure making his mark on the New England art scene. With innovative and bold art that consistently draws in its viewers, he is an artist to watch.” –Steve Stone, Artist. 

Works by Ted Mikulski

      The Norwich record published a great article about Ted and his work here::