As an artist, I have learned that method and procedure must never cease. Our general knowledge of materiality can go deeper than we may have ever known, but we have to allow for it. I spend more than 10 hours each week acquiring and experimenting with various materials. Experimentation through materiality is precisely how I developed a comprehensive understanding of the materials that I use for each body of work. Through these exercises in the lab (studio) I have discovered how the body is constantly engaged in an action and gesture process. This awareness would become my understanding of why I am so interested in space, and what can and does happen with-in a physical space. This idea alone is a powerful one. I didn’t understand this when I first began studying my own reasoning for why I make art. I have discovered that one has to engage themselves into this thought process first. We must learn how to see the world as art, as a whole, and then deconstruct it. I became conscious that I myself was “a 3D object” just as all human beings are. The only difference between human objects versus any other object is that we are the most intelligent. I am conducting ongoing experiments through the use of various materials to become further acquainted with them. I want to stretch their limits, and find their relationships to other things that may lead me to new skills and knowledge. At the same time I record how each material affects my physical body, and the physical space the actions occur with in. To communicate with process, I feel that one must use their entire being to understand its awareness and control of content. I understand that content is not always going to be joyous, it will sometimes bring out qualities that are of a much more complex nature. It is this exact contrast that helps me retain things.