5/17/12- I’m in the process of preparing for a series of new shows this coming fall. This body of work seems to be more thematic and narrative than usual. As you may know by now, I love the use of repetition, especially when an image excites me. I enjoying simultaneously working 2-dimensionally and 3-dimensionally. This helps my thought process expand and consider the 3-dimensional space where the works will be installed. In a recent post I announced that my relief installation pieces were now expanding off of the wall and into the space directly (more free-standing forms integrated with the wall pieces.) This is the first installation process image of how these pieces below have made the 3-dimensional transition. I do feel that they can stand alone as collage based paintings, but I’m more interested in taking a risk with these.

As an artist I’m interested in building  a narrative relationship between the content and the materials. The images below are frozen ice positives cast in colored water. They too can stand by themselves, but I am now photographing the sculptures to use as images for silkscreen. I want to print the images and also integrate them into this series above. I’m also casting the molds in concrete and plaster this weekend. If the prototypes hold up, I will then make an edition in porcelain. These pieces will work well on pedestals as well on the floor with in the same space. This body of work is an extension that falls under the “technophemera” series. It is a term that I coined about a year ago. You can visit the whole series as it grows here::  http://www.flickr.com/photos/rmsmovement/sets/72157626835050092/

Original link :: http://wp.me/p2SFO-Gw