How much am I worth? What are you willing to pay?

7/3/12 :: Calculating the Value of Art with a Self-Experience.

 I admit it, I love to help people. In fact, I need your help and participation with this blog post. As both an artist and a person who enjoys collecting art I have been asking myself some critical questions to help break some old patterns. I feel that artists can often fall into the trap of either over selling or under selling their works (myself included.) This does not apply to those who opt out of selling their work by choice. (Although I am interested in why?) This blog post has evolved into a research project, so lets consider this part one.

You may post your comments here below or e-mail them to me through this blog. You may choose to remain anonymous if you wish. It is my intention to consolidate the responses and update this post with answers to the questions directly below them. I believe there is a great amount of value in the answers that will manifest here. As I mentioned, this blog post is a micro test and an effort to record an array of thoughts and experiences that people have, and have had on the subject of questioning the value and pricing of art.  It also explores the self promotion and marketing aspect of the measures that lead to a potential transaction. This is also a place to simply voice your opinions and address the questions below.

A:: If you are the viewer and potential patron of purchasing a work of art please consider and answer::

1. How often do you see a work of art that you love and desire for your personal collection or home, only to be turned off or shocked by the price?

2. How do you calculate the value of a work of art that you desire? Do you simply take someone else’s word for it, or do you ask yourself this question?

3. Is the price tag enough information to help dismiss any further action?            If so, Why?

4. What is your price range on purchasing original art? Do you, or are you willing to approach the artist and negotiate? Do you have a story that you would like to share?

5. As the person making the purchase of original art, is it important for you to meet the artist in person? Yes or no, Please describe why?

B:: If you are the artist making the sale, or seeking to makes sales::

1. Is it important for you to meet the patron(s) in person? Yes or no, Please describe why? Would you like to share a succes story?

2. What are your current advertising and marketing strategies for promoting your work? Is this important to you, please describe.

3. How often do you test, alter or change your advertising, marketing, and promotion strategies?  How do you know when to do so?

C:: If you are the artist, but you opt out of showing and selling      your work.

1.  You’re an artist, but you intentionally opt out of showing and selling your work, please explain why?

2.  You’re an artist, but you intentionally opt out of sharing your work online (blog, website, social media) please explain why?

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