The Re-Defining Photography Project Launch 2012-2013

In one of my recent blog posts I talked about re-defining my relationship to the medium of photography and integrating more of it into my work. I have been thinking, what better way to do that than to make a 1 year commitment to the project. I will shoot a series of pictures each week, choose and edit the most interesting ones, write something about them, and post them onto my blog for the year to see how they build. I am proposing to post a minimum of at least one photo per week (I am going for quality here) but if it happens more than that, so be it. The intention is to define and understand how and why I am shooting the subjects that I choose, and what each image “means.” I am interested in discovering new visual things by recording fragments from my daily life and by setting up fictional props and installations. All of the images will be shot and captured in a digital image format. I choose to create a new process for how I plan to later show the works should they exceed this blog and my social media profiles.

I have been using flickr since 2005 as an archive to share and show my art and its processes. At the time, I created two separate sets for photography of this nature. One is titled “RMS Photography” which for the most part is what I “thought” photography was, and what should be in that set. The other is titled “Video Art Frames, Projections, & Film Stills.” I feel that this set is far more interesting and it has also become a part of my next step. I have been experimenting with digital film making and video art as a medium for over ten years. I enjoy writing and creating fictional narratives, editing sequences, creating manual filters, and working with the related software and technology. As a result of this in repetition during the editing process I discovered still frame compositions that held my interest. I started a collection, and it grew, and grew. I started manipulating the images in a variety of ways. Over 3,000 images later, I realized that I had to finally synthesize my perception of photography and the existing video / film still archive into another entity. So, here I am.

This project officially begins on 09/02/12

I have a created a new set on my flickr page to archive the project in sequential form :: See it here ::

I have also added an archival page for the project here on my blog here::

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