Communicating Moments through the Animated Gif.                 

This animated GIF above is a variation from its original idea. I’m happy to have completed it tonight, and I am also excited to show it in various formats. I will project it large-scale, perhaps outdoors on the side of a building, guerilla style. It had become forgotten about and idle with-in the ethers of busy busy-ness. But alas, a few weeks ago I invited’s Paddy Johnson to visit my MFA Seminar class at LIU Post. Paddy joined us as a guest artist and speaker, and also lead the class through a fantastic critique of student works. She gave a great presentation about her super cool diverse projects. (make sure you visit asap for more) As a result, amongst many things, she reignited my interest in the animated gif. I eagerly began researching them again, working on creating them, and putting a few idea pieces back together again. Last April during the spring semester, I wrote a blog post titled “Ongoing 2D design project, A Shared Idea, Inspiration, Transcendence, Evolution, & Collaboration.” You can read the original article here ( but to make a long story short, the post is a transparent step by step process about how I created the still images in this GIF above. They are rearranged collage images of artists that I admire. Can you guess who they are? I soon after turned the post into a project for my two-dimensional design students. Towards the end of the semester I decided to turn my own examples of the project into a series of animated GIFs hoping it would induce student interest. It did, and then some. I have decided to collaborate on this project with my current 2D design class at CUNY York College this fall. I will soon post the results as we started the project this past week.

Link to the original post