::April 1st-30th 2013::

Watch the LIVE Stream opening on 4/1/13 @ 7PM NYC Time here:

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Curated by Ryan Seslow

The Streaming Festival’s Special Program Archive.

Official Artist List

Joan Harrison :: Michael Branson Smith :: Danielle Abrams ::  Sofie Hoff :: Black River Pilgrim :: Leon Reid IV ::                    Martynka Wawrzyniak :: John Fekner :: Meredith Starr ::         Jeffrey Allen Price :: Jessica Fenlon :: Ryan Seslow

About the program::

VIDEO>transcends is an ongoing examination through the interrelationships of video art, performance, short film, documentary, experimental sound, & process based duration art. The purpose of this exhibition is to survey, expose, and raise the awareness of motion and sound related art through the potentials of new media. The works exhibited have been created and manipulated using digital technology and editing software as a means of expression and communication.

VIDEO>transcends logo text

Check out the Official Preview Trailer below

Check out the Streaming Festival here ::

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