The Anonymous Collaboration

The Unfamiliar Tourists

This is a new collaboration piece that I completed this morning before my 2D design class. It’s a series of silk screen prints collaged onto a black and white photograph. I did not take this photograph, nor do I know who it belongs to. It had been sitting on a desk in an office at one of the colleges that I teach for. I liked the abandoned image so much that I decided to make it a collaboration piece, an anonymous one that is. I have titled the piece “The Unfamiliar Tourists” as a result. Perhaps one day my collaborator will find this, and will want to connect more about it, most likely not, and that is fine. Sometimes I find that making art is about taking advantage of the moment and the energy that surrounds it. I felt the impulse and I acted. Not every piece of work that we create has to be conceptual and planned. Sometimes it is about letting go of any judgements or huge ego based plans. So, that formula again, I felt induced, I felt energized, I felt impulses. I reacted and I am sharing.

Inspiration is always waiting for us, it never ceases. I take action on this concept as I believe that creativity is infinite. I find that my thoughts and feelings play a huge role in how I create my work. This awareness grows, and I know that I am a little bit more aware each day.


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