Collaboration with Artist Sheagor

In November of 2012 I worked on a series of screen print related collaborations with NY artist Sheagor. The images below are the result of a two step process. Shea had created a series of prints on both printmaking paper and transparency paper. I really liked how the transparencies overlapped and created a new effect. I wanted to add to that effect by plugging in some of my own screen prints, in this case, characters interacting with “things.” I wanted to give an over all surreal narrative impression as if “something has happened, yet we do not know exactly what.” The layered transparencies serve well as back round and middle ground images, they set the stage for the layers of print in the composition.

RmS sheagor collab 5

Shea photographed the original images and I retouched them in photoshop for the web. These are the finished pieces. I am really happy with how the works came out, as well as the organic process itself. If you are not yet familiar with Sheagor’s work, now would be the time to look into it. Her work is prolific as she uses various mediums and a layering process to create multipurpose images. The work is colorful, energetic, and transcendant.

RmS Sheargor collab3

Statement about the project from Sheagor

In art and life I am fascinated by the concept of madness! For this Collaboration Ryan and I have worked on, and then later worked on with BEHAVE, my goal was to have cool combinations of colors that clash paired with unique quotes and different cut out stenciled images meticulously placed that appear to have just the right amount of careless.  I think we nailed it.  I love art like this because every square inch of what you see has a back story to it, everything from the pink texture in the background to the three men in the foreground.  Working with Ryan is always an intellectually enchanting experience, and I’m really looking forward to collaborating again! 

RMS Sheagor Collab 1

We are currently working on a new project, it’s a larger piece, and we have asked artist Stephen Reisig aka BEHAVE to join in as well. The piece involves three artists composing images onto one larger scale silk screen to create an edition of prints, as well as re-mix the content for collage and otherness. Stay tuned.


A graphic and high contrast arrangement develops indeed.


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