An Ongoing post in 2013-2014.

Old School Game Hacking as Inspiration.



MarioQuest 2

TheChest 2


I created the pieces in this post all with immediacy. I’m inspired so things happen fast in that energy. The works in this post have all started off as still images, mostly as manual collages, but I knew that the end result would be a series of GIF animations and Vine pieces. These are still being generated as we speak. As a kid in the 1980’s I always loved the graphics that nintendo had in their video games. I am not by any means a big gamer, but I absolutely love the art, the art development process and overall visual video game art aesthetic. I love the fact that I can evoke the fun and reflective childhood emotions as I search for my favorite old games on youtube and other sites dedicated to this art form (there are tons of them.) My #GIFIFGHT collaborator General Howe’s recent work has inspired me to take more action on this new series. If you haven’t seen his hacks into the GI Joe animated series, it’s a must see.      Check it here.


This first series of work brings together elements of super mario world, megaman 2, and my own computer monitor head figures. This process will continue to slowly bring in more of my own content to reinvent and relearn about itself. I find this to be a fun way to start. This seems obvious to me as the artist, but I am interested in feedback from the viewer as well. These pieces are light, fun, and colorful. It is my intention to evoke memories and inspire others with this body of work. So what happens next? Well, this blog post will expand, and expand. Im working with the presentation idea of where these pieces will be shown. Im not thinking 100% of traditional gallery spaces, but more along the lines of displacing the works in areas where you would least expect to see them. Of course I am not going to give this away completely right now so stay tuned. I view this post as an ongoing thread that I will continue to add the new works to.






Cloud-Quest 2

Nintendo Hack2


Hacked Into

Mr.T'd 2


Passing Clouds






Continued Synthesis




SMS22a 2

#1 #2






Far Thought

Hacked Mag


Mega More 4

Thrown Up

Tunnel-Hack 2

More to come soon.

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