Collab Series with Frank Olt

Begun, July 2013 Onward.

Collabs with Frank Olt

It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce that I am currently working on a rare multi-pieced collaboration series with NY Artist Frank Olt. Frank is long time mentor, LIU Post teaching colleague, and friend. I have been an admirer of his work for many years. I am also a very lucky collector of two unique original pieces of his work. The collaboration pieces are currently being worked through the fall of 2013. I’m not going to say where or when, but the completion of the series will result in an exhibition here in NY and beyond. You can follow the process and development here. Stay tuned.

Frank’s work is vibrant and colorful. It is subjective and induces an instant combination of sensation and one’s awareness to what they are feeling as they experience the works. I love this about his work. The colors and the minimal use of shapes create visual balance. The movement of lines and elements give one a sense of direction. I keep this in mind with each piece as I develop my narratives in relationship to the composition. Frank completes each piece and he hands them off to me to continue. Unlike western style paintings that give us a sense of depth with a foreground, middle ground and back-round, my approach is more eastern by eliminating that reference point. The collaboration pieces are not dependent on a western style and point of view. It is my intention to tell you a story through my flat representational and graphic images. I am using a combination of rubber stamp prints, silk screen print making, stencils, and drawings and paintings on paper. I collage the cut outs directly onto the works. I am also painting directly onto the surface of the works as well.

Piece # 1


Piece #2


Piece #2 Detail


The series continues through September 2013. 

Collb with Frank Olt

Piece # 7 above is in progress, this is a sneak peek.


Piece #3


Piece #3 Detail


Piece #4


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