Riffing the Giphy Logo


giphy-riffed (1)

My friends over at Giphy.com commissioned me to riff on their original logo a bit. I am super excited to be a part of their artist community. The final idea above developed out of the 4 previous versions that you will see below. I sent these into my contact Jace Cooke, the CEO and co-founder of Giphy last week. Jace saw the potential of the color based ideas by suggesting a Warhol like grid approach. I loved it. The power of the 4 logos flashing away their movement and color creates a bold over stimulating image. Its hypnotic. I’m really happy with the piece. It is minimal, yet playfully alluring and clean.


The first example that I created was a juxtaposition of the logo by moving colors and a series of characters that I had previously developed. The characters consist of a few well known people (Mr.T, Bruce Lee, James Brown) as well as a few unknown yet approachable cartoons. They really don’t have any relevance to giphy, but I thought it may be fun to use the characters as a representation of the world community using giphy.com…..


After that, I isolated the characters here inside the giphy logo frame. Colorful and fun, but I’m still not really feeling it as a riff that would hold its own weight over time.


I removed the characters and began to explore the use of color and movement by itself. This was a contrasting piece for me as I needed to see what I should remove to allow for it to flow a bit smoother. This piece has far too many flashes that are on the interior of the logo, they are inconsistent and not really unified with what is happening on the exterior of the logo frame.


The last riff caught my attention as I feel like I am being pulled in and out of the gif. There is a better sense of movement and complimentary color schemes. I removed the black back round to see how it would work with out it. I felt torn as the values of black and white create a great neutral split second.

Bottom line, Giphy is awesome, check it out here – Giphy.com

Check out my artist profile over at Giphy.com here.


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