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This blog post is to create awareness about a relatively newer page on my blog. The collaborations page is a map that archives the collaborative projects that are both in process and have been completed with some of my favorite artists. Each name below archives the art generated along with a description of the process and works as they unfold. With excitement and gratitude I am happy to share these projects here. I thank my fellow artist collaborators for the opportunity and experiences. It is my intention to keep my work and process transparent. As an art educator I cant help it, I love to share good creative energy with hopes that it will inspire others. Working along side with other artists always gets me excited. I always learn something new. Not only do I learn something, but I retain what I experience. The individual experiences themselves burn new feelings into my mind and body. I love that. I want to encourage you to reach out to artists who have work that you like! Ask them to collaborate on something with no pressure to exhibit or sell the work, but to purely have fun and learn a new process and technique. Chat with each other about what inspires you, and how your work has developed over time. Document and share the process with your network, gets some feedback and repeat the process. This will lead to more good things.

Collaborators by Name:

Javier Cambre ::

Leon Reid IV ::

Chris Stain ::

Sheagor ::

GIF Fight with General Howe, Michael Smith, & Abe Lincoln Jr. ::

Professor Spaulding Universe & The Motionmaker team @ NYC ::

Jeffrey Allen Price ::

Christina Rojas ::

Frank Olt ::

CAKE & Chris Stain ::

H.Veng Smith ::

Jilly Ballistic ::

Frank Universe ::

Javier Cambre & Aaron Deetz :: ::

Niek Spier :: Jace Cooke ::


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