Reflecting on a Year of GIF Making.



Promotional GIF #1. This GIF was generated as a promotional piece. The piece is for my new installation at the Steinberg Museum of Art ( located on the campus of LIU Post in Brookville, NY) for the Art Dept. Faculty Exhibition in November of 2013. It was one of the first GIFs used to promote such an occasion.

A year goes by too fast! We all say this at some point for various reasons and interpretations, but when one is engrained in projects that they love, inspiration flows and the accessible amounts of energy seem endless. I feel that way about a lot of things at the moment, but the year flew by! Five years ago I had an awareness of animated GIFs, but I didn’t seem to have the interest in generating them. I had learned how to, but hmm, no interest at that time, how does that work? I ask myself this question today because it has been a very productive year of generating a large series of GIFs each and every month for a variety of purposes. This attention has had a focus for a steady straight year. Will this be slowing down anytime soon? I highly doubt it so I wanted to take the time to share and reflect upon the projects both ongoing and completed so far.

You may want to first read how it all came about in the first place here –


1. My personal GIF art animation archive. Every month I archive the new GIFs that I have generated for that specific month. Some of the GIFs are thematic, some are random and subjective, and some of them are for specific projects. Either way, I’m hooked on making them. I’m also hooked on pushing the potentials of how they can be used, how they can be presented, and how they can become collaborative projects. Have a look through the one year archive by month here ::

TheChest 2

2. I got an awesome artist feature on on 8/28/13. I was excited to be a featured artist and to give this interview. They featured my work in this cool piece above, check out the interview here ::

giphy-riffed (1)

3. In July of 2013 I was given the opportunity to Riff the logo. My friends over at Giphy commissioned me to do so. I am excited to be a part of their artist community.

By the way, have you seen their amazing roster of GIF artists? No? Get over there now! Go here –

The final idea above developed out of the four previous versions that you will see via the link below. I sent the examples to my contact Jace Cooke, the CEO and co-founder of Giphy. Jace saw the potential of the color based ideas by suggesting a Warhol like grid approach. I loved it. The power of the 4 logos flashing their movement and color creates a bold over stimulating image. Its hypnotic. I’m really happy with the piece. It is minimal, yet playfully alluring and clean.

You can read the essay about the logo riff here –


4. The GIF the Portrait Project has an open call and a rolling deadline. This project is calling for all GIF makers and 2D Design Students to join in the cross college/university/internet GIF collaboration. I co-created and am collaborating with my friends at and Michael Branson Smith as well as several other colleagues on this project. Check out the full information and read the whole essay here –


5. My favorite current project has to be GIFFIGHT! We have been live as of 2/17/2013. Along with three of my fellow artist colleagues: General Howe  Michael Branson Smith & Abe Lincoln JR. we introduce to you GIF FIGHT!   The rules are simple, read up, and if you want in, we dare you! This GIF was my first contribution to the project, and by far one of the weakest as I have learned that regular weekly GIF practice works! Hell, Ill animate anything now!


6. I am happy to announce a great little interview did with myself and my co-collaborators on our GIFFIGHT project in October of 2013, We were really grateful to have the opportunity and support! check it out here –

7. GIF articles on my process. As the GIF making continued so did my teacher like mind to make my process accessible and transparent. I wrote a number of GIF related essays this year. Aside from the examples listed in the esaay above, you may also enjoy these below::

 “From Still to Motion, Making the Pieces Move” Read the whole essay here ::

 “Old School Game Hacking as Inspiration” Read the whole essay here –

“Seduced by the Degeneration of 8 Bits & Movement.” Read the whole essay here –

 “The Transcendence of Graffiti, Works Evolving.” Read the full Essay here –

I also want to give a special thanks to my friends and colleagues Michael Branson Smith, General Howe, Abe Lincoln jr & the great people at for the continued energy, support and inspiration!


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