The Nativity New

9/15/14 :: Drawing, The Nativity Revisited

This past week has been one of the most creatively diverse in terms of commissioned works & projects. I am grateful for this in and of itself. I wanted to share this new particular project with you all. I am not religious but I do consider myself very much connected to spirituality. I have spoken about this lately more and more on this blog. It seems like metaphoric synchronicity continues to find me. More on that later. About a year ago I was approached by a Church in the mid-west expressing that they had found and used one of my drawings. It was a black and white illustration of The Last Supper. They converted the image into individual tiles and had the congregation’s children color in the image. They were all unique and diverse, a perfect representation of life. They put all of the pieces back together to re-unify the drawing. It was beautiful. They asked of my permission to allow for affiliated pastors to also use the drawing for the same exercise with some of their congregation’s children.  Fast forward a year. This time I have been commissioned by the church to generate my interpretation of The Nativity using the same style of simple lines. They will color it in and then place the tiles back together again to re-unify the original drawing just as before. The large piece will be mounted on wood, framed and displayed in the Church for the holidays each year. The original black and white drawing will also permanently have a home in the Church. I was so excited about the project that I added my own color rendition (above.)

hand Drawn Nativity

The hand drawn version above took about 25 minutes to execute and was drawn with a sharpie marker. I then scanned the image and brought it into Adobe Illustrator.

Nativity Traced

The live trace feature in Illustrator easily generates a vector rendering. The lines become smooth and higher in contrast. The vector rendering can also be resized larger and smaller with out pixelation and defragmenting of the image. This will make the tiling process easier to later print out. I will share the results of the children here as they are shared back with me.

Thats not where this project ends, I have been reminded about something much larger than the commission itself. It is incredibly important to be open in life, and not jump to conclusions right away. I have known quite a few artists who always seem to be over protecting their work online or worry about how it may be stolen or used with out permission. So much so, that it happens to them often. If your focus is always on the negative “what if” I do believe it will show up for you! In this case, the use of my drawing with out permission at first has and continues to make many children happy as they learning. This was a form a giving with any expectation of receiving. I felt good about that and then it came back to me, with out effort or with out my ego. I love how that works.

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