This post officially starts off the conscious ART category feed here on The best part about learning how to use and navigate software is the overall intuitive methods one develops over time. I have spent a lot of time using wordpress and micro-testing ways to present and organize my content. I have learned a lot over the last few years in particular. I have also worked with many forms of social media for sharing and archiving my work in many capacities. All in all, I discovered that I enjoy the process of preparing content for the web and experimenting with software interfaces. The ART category will now be more of a specific feed here, meaning, as my new works are created (on a daily basis for the most part) they will be posted here as individual posts and archived as a category feed rather than archival pages.

Collage 2451

The art in this post are all cut n’ paste collage works made from digitized and manipulated images from 3 of my paintings taken from 2013 & 2014. Re-photographing my paintings, drawings, screen prints and rubber stamp prints are a fun way to extend the use of the static image. I get to reinvent them using software and then re-implement the applied studio practices of composition and collage. I love experimenting with new media and technology to see how I can also later animate and or create video art related works.

Collage 2543