Design Project for A La Mode Shoppe NYC :: March 2015

I’m working on a few really fun & diverse web / design projects at the moment. I wanted to share this one first as it has to do with ice cream, and everyone loves ice cream (don’t lie, you know that you love it.) A La Mode Shoppe is located in NYC on E 55th St & 1st ave. The shoppe is now open but the official opening day is Saturday April 18th 2015. All of the graphics are vector art works that I created in adobe illustrator.

Works in process:

(The process updates to the newest designs and reads in reverse as you scroll down) copy front page progress. The home page will feature a series of subtle animations that bring this static image to life. The characters are still in a final development phase, but this is pretty close to the final.

ice-cream-cup2Icon / Button – Vector Graphic. A series of consistent graphics are being created for branding and familiarity purposes. This ice cream cup illustration is a representation of how the actual pint cups look.


Character integration #1, the static animation frame.


Concept development on characters & related graphics. Bird, Dog, Cat, ice cream cones and pint cups. The characters will be integrated into the site’s front page animation and used for other potential designs & packaging. The characters will also be placed into side bar GIF animations on the site.


The windows above the shoppe have been omitted out of the illustration to add the sky and some friendly clouds. The color of the building has been adjusted but I am not yet 100% convinced this is right. All of the iron bars, windows and the door frame have also been updated and changed to black. Did you notice that the tree on the left now has an additional branch?


The trees and other vegetation have been rounded off in this progress still. A softer series of colors will also be experimented with for the facade of the building.



Above is both an updated process shot of the static front page image as well as an animation of the composition building process. The entire illustration has been created using shapes and lines in illustrator. There was a revision made on 3/18/15.


The image above is a flat design rendering in process of the shoppes store front on East 55th Street, NYC. The finished pieces will include a series of static images as well as an animation for the sites welcome page on the rendering is about 65% complete.


The animations above and below will be used in various aspects of the site including specific pages, side bar widgets and in image sliders. Subtle animations using the companies branding add a nice contrast to static images and text based information.

ice-cream-colors           happy

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