“Refreshable Hacks, Remixes & Digital Iterations”

“Refreshable Hacks, Remixes & Digital Iterations” is a new series of GIF animations, Digital & Internet Art works generated during the week of February 22nd 2016. The works are arranged as individual pieces if you click on them independently, but when they open on this page they unify into a refreshable narrative. If you hit the refresh button on your browser the composition changes. The works rearrange themselves and remind the viewer of its ability to intervene with and alter the narrative. In the comments section the viewer can continue the narrative if they choose to in a written format. Will you?

As both an applied artist and a digital artist I really enjoy feeling the simultaneous love and discomfort of the evolving digital transition process. Meaning, a huge part of myself wants to convert completely to digital and internet art making, while my ego and past art school trained self attempts to hang on for dear life…

Iterations for this piece were generated and cross-synthesized via photoshop, to.be, new-hive, wordpress & glitche’.

short-link to this post – https://ryanseslow.com/2HtaC