“The Ongoing NET-ART Narrative”

2016 – 20…

The awareness of an ongoing NET-ART narrative began a long time ago, but it has finally found an archival platform to grow and expand upon. Of course this is one iteration of what could be, however, here it will manifest and transform itself.

You will now continue on to visit – https://www.ryanseslow.com/ongoing-net-art-narrative to begin your journey.

You may find your reflection.

You may feel the pangs of inner discomfort as you abandon everything that you once thought you wanted to be.

Could it be? The artists that you thought you once were, has become nothing more than the sum total of all of the things you were taught by someone else. 

The narrative will archive the transformation.

short-link to this post – https://ryanseslow.com/cpnfS