Graphic assets like the freshly animated drawing above can be used to easily make multiples. Multiples create order, balance, unity and patterns. Its also a great way to push the potential of a single idea. Once that is done, well, variation variation variation! Effects using filters and apps take it to whole other level! Photoshop has tons of filters, I really like dithering, I learned it from my buddy @mbransons – the results can make for great visual effects.



One single asset goes a looooooooong way. Try it, repeat, and repeat some more. Image this animation as 30 feet wide by 15 feet high…billboard take over?


This is one iteration of a “dithered effect” – you can play with this when you save your file for the web. Get on this, like now…


My man has the flow, cant stop moving, a bit turnt perhaps?


Below, before she was animated she was a pencil drawing. I like to make drawings but they are static, I want what I draw to move hence the application above.







Animated Assets for Net Art Making & Digital Collage

You get the idea right?

As I mentioned, I have been converting my drawings into “digital assets.” This allows for me to both create intentionally and or remove the back round of an image and use it as a layer to place into new “pictures.” Platforms like newhive and allow for its users to create online digital collage based art works. The published works are stored on their server (and each users personal feed) and easy to share via the web. Plus, they even give out snippets of iframe code so you can play with sizing on your own website. I have been doing that a bit, OK, Im lying, a lot! But more than anything else, those iframe codes have gotten me to thinking about how and where else I can use them and manipulate them. Sometimes I don’t publish the works but simply use the interface to screen record the images as mp4 or .mov files. I can alter them in after effects, final cut, or photoshop. Get it?

Digital archives are a great place to fuse together the past and the present. The NYPL has a great public domain of digital archives where you can search and snag images. I love old images of NYC! Ah, much more to come.

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