Selected Works:: Video Art Making with the Vine App

Here is a collection of video art works that have been sliced together using the Vine app for iphone. Each piece is a series of micro segments, video snippets and GIF animations. It is through the accessibility and immediacy of the application that has helped me see the potential to create these pieces. They are immediate and created quickly. They are uniquely created while I am in situations of waiting. Waiting for the subway, waiting for the dentist, waiting for the next class to begin…waiting, you know. I find it to be a nice way to connect and express in those situations. I love the ability to easily share the pieces, aka “Vines” on my instagram and tumblr feeds. They automatically animate and can also be reblogged, retweeted or revined, aka shared by others. Truthfully, I cant say that I spend any time on Vine using it as a platform for viewing entertainment. I rarely view the works of other “viners” with the exception of a few users that I feel also use the platform mainly for art making. I see it as a creation tool. Once you complete a “piece” it also saves the 6.5 second video to your phone. This makes it easy to later archive on a drive or use on another platform. After Effects, imovie, final cut…yes….I hope you enjoy this series laid out in the vertical blog post format.

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