This new net art piece is the result of a collaboration with an online html translator. I have been building new internet art works that are made from scratch using the .html extension. The first series uses the <table> tag to write and arrange the code. Primitive to some degree you may say, but there are many who still use the versatile <table> tag for building websites. The net art works function as single page websites that are codependent on web browsers. My process and framework is now moving on to building the pieces using <div> tags. This piece posted above was the result of the full <table> html converted to <div> tags with an online translator. During the conversion it removed all of the previously inserted <img> tags and images – this was the final result when the code was applied back into a code writing editor.

*** Click here –> further-along <– to see the original .html piece before conversion ***


I took things further by composing a few fragments together into a newhive field. The piece below incorporates the use of various graphic assets including an animated GIF, screen shots & hyperlinks to html pages hosted here on this url. I mean, why the hell not?!

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