New Icons, Logos & Vector Art = A Poster

I have been working on several new projects that involve branding & identity make overs / updates for clients. As a result I too am inspired to participate and promote my own evolving identity as a designer. This is always a fun process, and necessary. The key word is fun because fun is a multisensory experience that motivates us. Pleasing visuals always create happy feelings and happy feelings overflow into everything else!

Im printing these as I have been wanting to make some promotional materials to give away, and also place in unexpected public spaces…

What do you think?

You can make one of these for yourself too…I mean right now, lets do it!

Fire up the pen tool and pathfinder in Adobe Illustrator and get cracking! See if you can limit yourself to only manually drawn vector shapes and graphics. Push it even further by using a mono-chromatic palette and their various values.

short-link to this post – https://ryanseslow.com/oEkKy