Converting the Default to Personalized

Late January 2017.

A new series of GIF animations based on various art history imagery continue to inspire me. Some parts of the images below have taken from books, some taken from the internet, and some taken site on scene in the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in NYC. The works were generated with both mobile and desktop applications for output. Who is to say “how” we the viewer of such historical works should respond to them but ourselves? How one interprets and internalizes the works and then takes action to exercise its energy is up to each individual. Is this not where you are at? Facing your own reflection? It is one’s birthright to express one’s self….how one may chose.

Perhaps, if we accept only what is presented to us and never remix, repurpose or re-contextualize it we are accepting it as default in our personal reality?

What will you do?

oh, Ill make more!