The Electric Digital

A NEW Collage Series, February 2017

Here we go, here are the first 6 pages of “The Electric Digital, A Collage Series” – the new series consists of 20 – 11″x14″ pages that will be hand bound into a soft cover book. The works consist of mixed print and applied art media generated over the last year. Some of the works have been drawn and digitized, printed and manipulated. Some of the media has been photocopied, cut out, scanned and pasted. Some have been scanned, rescanned, rephotographed and re-edited for print output. A process of processes to continue the process. Of course the static images need to eventually animate so the last two images are immediate iterations with the fun desktop platform click drag click. Reoccurring thematic icons like graffiti cans, sneakers, anime characters & art historical fragments may catch the viewers eye in surreal yet pleasing displacements..

Stay tuned!