I know, and your’e right, the title of this post is indeed a little deceiving.

The colorful illustrations above are from a brand new series of art works that I have created over the last week. One new piece is generated each day. They are extremely fun to make! They are first created with the assembly app for iPhone and then exported as an .svg file to Adobe Illustrator for further tweaking and file format output. Yup, they are examples of mobile art making immediacy! A process I tend to be adopting and applying more and more into my work. Ill talk more about this soon.

What shall I do next with the new works?

Perhaps I will make a nice high resolution poster, sign them all and sell them as a limited edition from my website and my social media platforms? This would be the most affordable and accessible option so that the audience of the work can easily obtain them.

Perhaps I will paint the series have a show in a traditional gallery? They would make nice pieces at both small and larger sizes. Im seeing the background also one solid bright color. Painted in both oils and acrylics. Im confident that they would be beautiful as paintings. Of course the price for an original at the size of 36″ X 48″ would far exceed the price of a signed high resolution poster but this might be a different kind of collector who desires this kind of art. Im aware of this in my process.

Perhaps, after both of the simulations above have been manifested, I can research and approach businesses, services and products that could use an apply this style of the work into their brand, promotions and goods. This too would expand the audience and application of the Art.

These are all simply ideas and they have an energy attached to them. That energy is excitement, happiness and action. I want to share them, and I want to do that in a variety of ways. The more I think about it, the more my imagination kicks in and wants to help! This is a practice. I am aware of this as well.

Good Energy is Contagious! Im grateful to share it.

One of the things that I promised myself this year was to continue expanding upon the way that I connect with my fellow human beings in relationship to the business of my work. This means obtaining potential commissions, sales and acquisitions of my work. Admittedly, Im obsessed with making the work way more than selling it. However, this statement does not always help my students when they ask me about how I sell my work. From a graphic design and web design perspective this part is not as difficult. Word of mouth and referrals have done more than I can imagine for my one man show design business.

I even wrote a little guide book about how artists and graphic designers can generate more clients and income with their work by practicing writing down their ideas. (Not judge the ideas as good or bad, but simply by recording them for 30 days) I published the whole guide here on the Internet (including here on this website — right here —  https://www.ryanseslow.com/150-ideas-to-earn-income-as-an-artist-graphic-designer-the-full-guide/ ) yup, its a long minute read but I promise that it is worth it. Of course, you don’t have to read it all in one sitting either!

Thoughts? I would love to expand on this.