Over the last few weeks I joined and began participating in three new online social media community platforms, Dribble, Steemit & Medium. Well, the platforms are not new, I am new to them. Im also participating in the Noun Project for a few months too! (click on the hyperlinked text to see where Im at on those platforms early in the game.) What do all of these platforms have in common? Well, they are certainly places where one can upload original content, share that content, comment, engage with other users and build relationships. They are all uniquely very interesting and I find them all exciting. Im observing. Im learning. Im practicing. Most of all, Im participating and having fun.

I know, I can hear the murmur of you saying; “but how many social / community networks can one manage and participate in? When does it become overkill?” Valid questions and assumptions, but who says that the integration or experimentation has to be long term and or used and checked ten times per day? Only you can decide this. I think that social media and community platforms are there for us to add value to and take value from. They allow us to be who we are and spread our most selfless self by reaching out and helping others right? This seems to also be a choice. These platforms work best when engagement solidifies mutually beneficial relationships. From time to time we may be more engaged in some platforms more than others. Sometimes we leave and come back, like a vacation. Who’s to say if this is right or wrong or good or bad…You do, of course.

I published my entire 150 Ideas Book on both Steemit & Medium. Expanding the publishing of this free resource onto these platforms has made me several new contacts. Those contacts are building into new relationships. Those relationships are built on the exchange of value.

The book was added to the Steemit Wiki in the ART category – you can read that here.

The Noun Project. Icons, Icons, Icons and more…Icons! I had to jump in. Im close to my first pay-out too! Do you know about the Noun Project? Go here.

I was recently included in an all Crypto-Currency Art Exhibition on Steemit – How cool?


My Steemit feed is here.

Wow, Dribble! I had certainly heard about Dribble a while ago and always meant to get onboard. Talk about a source of inspiration, this is such a great community. My Dribble portfolio is building, check it out here.

I even got an award for my few first writing contributions to Medium. Im new there, learning the ropes, but thank you very much….well, the award, its mostly for this essay here.

You can follow me on Medium here.

HOW you think and feel about it is exactly what it will be for you. The best part is, we get to chose the who what when and how aspect. There is never anyone forcing us to participate, engage, publish or re-share anything. WE ourselves are driving the boat. I feeling grateful for the new friends and contacts that I have recently made. Here are a few of the highlights from some of my experiences.

Are you also using one of these platforms below? If so, lets connect over there and exchange some creative value.