Its time for GIF IT UP again! Im excited to submit the two GIFs below and be a part of this amazing (and super fun) exhibition. I have to say, the quality of works this year are amazing! Huge increases in quality, technique, application and originality. I worked with these two static images below and also included the GIFs….of course.

The image on the left was obviously screaming for an intervention on that left hand’s pointer finger! I am sure this will be used by many other artists.

But, what is GIF IT UP exactly?

“GIF IT UP is an international competition to find the best gifs using public domain and openly licensed digital video, images, text, and other material found in DPLA and other participating digital libraries.  The 2016 GIF IT UP contest was the third iteration of the event and DPLA has been grateful for collaboration with partners EuropeanaTrove, and DigitalNZ each year.”

Visit each year’s contest page to view the entries, see the winners, and learn more about the contest guidelines:

GIF IT UP 2017

GIF IT UP 2016

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