Creative Collaboration in the Classroom – Fall 2017

This exercise was taken from my ART550 Course at LIU Post. Check out our class blog here.

Collaboration Synopsis:

This is a studio work session / reflective exercise based class.

Students will chose to bring in the materials of their choice (not mandatory but you may choose to) to generate, complete and present their group outcomes during this class session. If you have a lap top computer, this would be a good class to bring it to (not mandatory but may prove useful).

This class project is generated, documented, presented and critiqued in immediacy all in one class session. We will record our process and results by publishing them to our class blog. Each group will submit a statement of their piece and then individually respond below.

Group #1 – Statement: – Meghan, Sharron, Laura & Chie


Duality kickstarted with personal experiences revolving around male expectations of feminine behavior. From this cloud of negativity positive success stories were shared, which in turn highlighted the complex thought process culminating a duplexity of feminine mindset in society. Examining what is said or projected versus what is actually felt allowed us to simplify emotions as related to representational colors.

Each artist identifying with a specific color was able to recognize the duality of their hue. Yellow radiates happiness, warmth, perfection. When thought of as mustardy yellow, the grit of earthy elements forms a dichotomy of image.  Red is a hue that has the power to motivate yet intimidate a soul. It’s dominate nature can be overwhelming but in turn can also be used as inspiration to try something new. Pink is associated with femininity and sweetness but when turning a hot pink it can represent an edginess. Blue can denote an inner weakness and sadness yet it serves as a stable source of strength. These colors and feelings suggest how people see you and how you see yourself. It has the power to bring the imperfections of humanity to the surface if only in the subconscious.

Duality is the collaboration of four strong women permitting the simultaneous transmission of two messages in opposite directions. We reveal the complexity of the female mind and celebrate the ability to prosper through challenges.


Group #2 – Statement – Grace, Len, Joselyn and Hyon.

Our presentation centered on the socio-political causes that most interest us: ANIMAL RIGHTS, THE ENVIRONMENT, HOMELESSNESS and NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION. As these issues were discussed, pertinent articles were downloaded and digitally collaged on top of a photo of planet earth as a unifying visual, illustrating how all of these concerns are presently at-risk due to the policies of Donald Trump.

Each student was asked to leave a comment about the project by answering the following questions:

What did you learn the most through this collaborative experience?

How did the immediacy of the project’s time-frame effect your decision making and ability to work in a group?

What will you apply into your writing practice as a result of this experience?

In reflection, what would you have done differently and why?

Go HERE to read the comments and further dialogs.