Continued GIF Collaborations with G1ft3d

Im happy to share this new series of GIFs made in collaboration with my friend G1ft3d! The animation above is the result of my last iteration, but will it continue on? I hope so! Im a huge fan of the “pass the buck” collaboration style. Easily conducted over the Internet, over the ocean and over the airways….the electronic energy of collaboration is by far my favorite way to work! 

The latest series began with this GIF I made above. I posted it to twitter with the intention of tagging G1ft3d and seeing how he would proceed!

G1ft3d sent this great GIF back! I love how fragments of the original GIF becomes a part of the characters clothing, how it reflects on the sphere and how it is wrapped around him. I got inspired proceeded!

I kicked this little idea around as the image you see in the iPhone at first, I wanted more out it though.

In case you missed our previous collaborations from last year, check these out below! 

More to come in 2018!