Happy 2018!

Im back! Yes, already! Nope, Im not on “vacation”. I cant really say that I have ever felt like I “needed” a vacation from “something”. This boils down to the fact that I love what I do each and every day. Im excited for each new day because I know that it will be filled with doing the things that I love to do. Does the image below give it away? Im an artist. Im a creative! I wear quite a few different hats and play several roles in my creative lifestyle but I do indeed enjoy this aspect of the title. I expect on purpose that my days will be full of creative endeavors, experiences and opportunities. I make these choices consciously and constantly. I am acutely aware how important it is to take full responsibility for my choices and their actions. I choose growth and personal-development. I choose creativity, inspiration, imagination and spirituality.

I choose health and wellness. 

I chose compassion, love and patience.

I choose to share and to be helpful by giving to my fellow human beings.

The image above and below is the first completed work of art in 2018. I couldn’t wait to start creating obviously! I cant tell the difference between work and play. Its another choice. Regular repetition of that choice becomes a mindset. My lifestyle is by design. It is intentional and specific. Nothing makes me happier than to share this process while learning at the same time.

2018 is already great.

That is my choice!