New Works in 2018 – Responding to AI

Digital Art, Digital Illustration & Mixed Media – January 2018

There is so much going on with artificial-intelligence these days across the web. Its hard not to be super excited and a bit skeptical at the same time. Im curious and Im interested. I wonder, what is our role as those simply reading along? Many of us are not in the labs and or witnessing a lot of the research and the prototyping of new AI based technologies. Of course we see what gets placed on the Internet but think about how much of it doesn’t. Even if I think I’m not effected by what my eyes are glossing over throughout each day, I am. I think we all are. It comes out in the images that I make. So, I realized that these last few pieces created this week are reactions to this energy. Especially on the surveillance end of things. This idea of “robot eyes” monitoring everything we humans do, but through devices that look and act more like human eyes rather than the cameras that we already know. They may pop out of cracks in the walls, or from the ground to take a look and then retract and disappear. Creepy? Yes. Funny? Kind of. Sci-Fi? Not so far off!

Either way, I want more. It is fun to speculate what it all may look like.

These pieces are formatted for screen resolution here in this blog post but they are also vector illustrations formatted for print. Perhaps a small edition of prints are coming soon..