Today’s creativity meter is off the charts. Creativity is like a muscle, it wants to be exercised everyday. I know that you already know this but we all need reminders. I am placing the emphasis on the WE part. The more we show up to practice the more growth we experience. Im always happy to share and love learning here. There is a huge amount of creative power and potential in this square, that is inside of the rectangle that you are holding. Lets rock that awareness for the advancement of each other. Ive said this before and Ill say it again. Need help with something? DM me. Im happy to connect and help. This piece above is an iteration of yesterdays Instagram post. ( @ryanseslow ) It was an illustration, then an animation, and now its another illustration. Sometimes I work backwards and from previous works. I believe in milking single ideas into hundreds of variations. As creatives we are in the loving business of revisions. Revisions equal deeper potentials of communications. Mastery of communication leads to a mastery of compassion.

The Flow, 2018, Manipulated Multi-Application Digital Illustration