I’m excited to share this new series of animated GIFs created this far in 2018. I’m proud of this new body of work and where it is going. I have been learning and working with adobe after effects for the last several months. Learning many of its features for various purposes has been a lot of fun, and like learning any new software platform, it has been frustrating and challenging. I secretly love the frustrating pain because I know that the end result will be a break through and an explosion of creation in volume. The volume is practice, and practice creates contrast! I believe that we are always students. No matter how many new things we learn, we keep learning that there is so much more to learn. I love this about using software, especially intuitive software that provokes the creative spirit! Oh after effects, you have seriously seduced me! My interest in making animations started from scratch. Literally, all of my GIFs from 2010 and 2011 were all 2 or 3 frame stop motion animations derived from my static drawings and paintings. Almost all of those early animations were made using photoshop. I admit, I still like the limitation that photoshop imposes by their 500 frame limit but time itself continues to prove that nothing is static and we always need to “animate” forward.

With out further ado, I hope you enjoy the animations below. Drop me a comment or two and share your thoughts!

The animations below are works that have been created for two awesome brands that I am currently working with as well as a self promotion animation to update the current services that I offer as a graphic designer and now an “animator.”

What ways are you keeping up to date with today’s technology to promote your business and services?