Static to Animated Variations of More, More – February 2018

Im pushing my work further through regular practice. Practice, practice. We need to show up, everyday! I love to practice. “Variation” and “revision” are words that I also love. They are my reminder that things can always improve and be another way. Nothing is static, and nothing will last forever the way it was originally created. Everything evolves and eventually transcends. We play a role in this, especially in our own realities. Until we interact and customize what we experience, it will remain on default.

This new series of animations and digital art works began with a few simple images of a goat, a sheep and an old advertisement for a Men’s suits. Both images were found in the public domain labeled for creative commons and modifications. Sometimes I work this way at random to challenge myself and to also bring some imagination and humor into the works. I then extract the graphic assets and recompose them as static works. Sometimes, they get printed, cut and pasted into new manual collage works. (More to come on this as I created a series of over 1,200 college pieces between 2012-2017 all the size of 8.5 X 11).