Inventing Reality – Digital Art & Animations – February 2018

A series of new digital art works formatted for the “pass the buck” style of iteration continues. I love working this way. I love the process of generating variations. This is helpful for building and fine tuning solutions to more specific problems. I don’t mean only design based problems, but then again, if we are aware that we are designing our lives based on our thoughts, choices and feelings, then the metaphor certainly extends itself. The word revision never means “more or additional work” to me. Revision means another opportunity has been created. This is leverage to continue learning.

This is a mindset. The practice of this mindset is an asset. This asset is consciousness currency.

Im fascinated by VR (virtual reality). Im not in a rush to see how it evolves or takes over many of our practical products or services. Im enjoying the process of watching it all unfold, and applying my imagination to what my own experiences will be. Im lucky enough to have had a few different types of VR experiences. Im going to share those here soon. For now, enjoy the works below.