Non-Judgement Creative Immediacy

It was one of those “summer days” in February here in NYC yesterday when an impulse hit me. I wanted to makes and move lines. I wanted to bring a few characters to life in my sketchbook. I wanted feel the feeling of allowing the creative impulse to flow right through me. Not a judgement, not a care what anyone else thinks, just allow, flow, feel and execute the impulse.

In that minute of impulse, just a few seemingly altered moments, I acknowledge the awareness and take action. The reminder hits me like a bolt of lightning. There is always time to express your creativity. Always. Even if its a 30 second snippet of when you become the hyper-awareness moment itself. Don’t not take that impulse you feel to bust out a drawing or a poem, a dance move, or the spoken word because your afraid or too judgmental of what the outcome may be. Every time you judge and block those impulses you train yourself to be more insecure. (Re-read that last line) Creativity loves the movement. Don’t judge it, let it out and share it. It takes the same amount of time to make the decision not to do something, and even more time gets wasted pondering if you should or should not..

This was my result, 120 seconds. By the way, there is not a replica of this exact drawing anywhere in the world. Of course, stylistically, we may have seen things like it, sure, but there is NOT a replica with the exactness that makes this one unique. In fact, I couldn’t re-draw it exactly the same way myself no matter how hard I tried. Think about that amount of power for a second. We always have the ability to bring something NEW into this world. When one begins to practice this with awareness while in process…well, you wont be able to stop.

(insert your metaphor here)