Very often a new piece of work will inspire me to investigate the idea and push it further. I generally work in a style that functions like an ongoing thread with several iterations. Those iterations allow for me to exercise the energy and see it as several potential ideas. For many years my usual process has been to make a drawing or a sketch and then turn it into a painting. That was later expanded into printmaking for the faster production of multiples. Those multiples easily became collage works and eventually those cut and paste pieces were digitized and applied using technology (think photoshop and screen captures) to make digital art works. Now things always animate as an extension of the works. Sometimes as GIFs and sometimes as short video art works. Either way, everything grows, and it always comes back in a different form of some sort. Obviously, this is a great metaphor for life. I created my definition and role in it via the process of awareness. Usually these steps in the practice of making images will lead to something else. The “something else” is called process and I really love the process. Its my process. The process is fun and secretly I would really call it a game. I love the game and I love the game-board. I can see your reaction, “a game”…where is this game played? The game is played in your mind and your creative spirit is the pilot. The creative spirit has many sides and needs for expression so it manifests in many forms.

The game board today is clearly the Internet. Are you in the game? The animated GIF below is titled: “The Timelessness of Time”. A character is on the move in her daily life completing the tasks of the day. Accompanied by speed of technology and a thought from the past, that memory comes to life and lives on as it expands and is brought back onto the game-board. The character is in represented in scales and values of grey to contrast what is seemingly binary. The colorful background represents the thoughts, feelings and emotions associated with the memory. It is has been paused and converted into a static image to help linger in the emotion. 

Perhaps Time travel is simply a thought away and a time machine is built by us all individually over time itself. Once this can be described and defined it goes through the reoccurring cyclical life process. Much like how new planets are discovered, how galaxies expand and how energies and ideas take form in new ways.

A passing memory becomes manifest as an action when you become still to acknowledge it. So, feel it, see it and then transmutate time and space with a creative extension of it. What on earth does that mean? Creative output. Haha, this could easily be making “something” or sending a text message, writing an e-mail or creating a blog post as an expression about it. The memory will expand, and traveling you will be.