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Communicating My Deaf & Hard of Hearing Self

Welcome. The art works produced in this exhibition examine and express my identity as a Deaf and Hard of Hearing person. It has been a long road. This body of work is the first in a multi-part series with supporting written explanations broken down into individual blog posts. I encourage the viewer to view the gallery of digital and animated art works below and then delve into the individual blog posts listed for deeper context.

All of the art works have been created starting in late 2017 and continue forward to present day (updated in March 2022) The works consist of Digital Drawings, Digital Illustrations, Collage, Animated GIFs, 2D Animation & Video Art. Fragments of manipulated grainy images and re-compositions display the variation and extension of each piece. The works are visual representations for the regular distortions, missing of sounds, words and overall communication struggles that I experience daily. They represent how I feel, react, overcompensate and adjust to communication in various interactions. They are intended to be both subtle, confusing and difficult to follow. “Communicating My Deaf & Hard of Hearing Self – Part 1” is the first installation in the series. It has been published first here on my website and continues to be shared via my social media platforms.

I am seeking to extend this body of work into a series of both physical and online exhibitions as well as a digital zine.


Animated Hearing – https://www.ryanseslow.com/animated-hearing/

Missed Communication Continued – https://www.ryanseslow.com/missed-communication-continued/

40 Years of Missed Communication – https://www.ryanseslow.com/unraveling-integrating-40-years-of-missed-communication/

Fears Faced Continued – https://www.ryanseslow.com/fears-faced-continued-is-this-is-a-series/

The More I missed, the More I Made – https://www.ryanseslow.com/the-more-i-missed-the-more-i-made/

1970’s Hearing Test Art Machine Hacker – https://www.ryanseslow.com/the-1970s-hearing-test-art-machine-hacker/

Opening Another Door – https://www.ryanseslow.com/opening-another-door/

Responsible Communication RE-sponsibility – https://www.ryanseslow.com/responsible-communication-re-sponsibility/

Non-Auditory Sensory Other – https://www.ryanseslow.com/the-non-auditory-sensory-other/

Further Along & the Visual Hearing – https://www.ryanseslow.com/further-along-the-visual-hearing/

Soundless-Anonymity – https://www.ryanseslow.com/soundless-anonymity-new-works/

Communication Fails & Visual Jumbles – https://www.ryanseslow.com/communication-fails-visual-jumbles/

Every Conversation I Never Overheard – https://www.ryanseslow.com/every-conversation-i-never-overheard/

The Hearing – Not – Hearing World – https://www.ryanseslow.com/the-hearing-not-hearing-world/

Deaf Awareness Month 2018 – Animated Expression – https://www.ryanseslow.com/deaf-awareness-month-2018-animated-expressions/

Visual Noise & Soundless Distortions – https://www.ryanseslow.com/visual-noise-soundless-distortions/

Communication Awareness – https://www.ryanseslow.com/communication-awareness/

Synthetic Sound Distortions, The Audiologist, Reflections and Ongoing Assessments – https://wp.me/p252IX-4L7

Reminders & Awareness for the Hearing – https://wp.me/p252IX-4Tq

Thanks Dave – https://www.ryanseslow.com/thanks-dave/

Visual Sentences – https://ryanseslow.com/visual-sentences-installation-views/

Every Conversation I never Overheard – Part II – https://www.ryanseslow.com/every-conversation-i-never-overheard-2/

Applies – https://www.ryanseslow.com/a-deaf-hard-of-hearing-person-applies-for-a-full-time-academic-teaching-position/

The Immediacy Needs of Hearing People, My Sounds are Synthetic – https://www.ryanseslow.com/the-immediacy-needs-of-hearing-people/

The Vibrational Violinist – https://www.ryanseslow.com/the-vibrational-violinist/

Corporate B.S. – https://www.ryanseslow.com/reacting-to-corporate-b-s/

Face to Face Conversations to Remote & Video – https://www.ryanseslow.com/face-to-face-conversions-to-online-remote-and-video-teaching/

Sudden Remote Teaching – https://themindhears.org/2020/04/22/sudden-remote-teaching-deaf-hofh/

Visual Chaos from 2003 – https://www.ryanseslow.com/visual-chaos-in-2003-a-reflection/


Part 2“Waking Accessibility Awareness” 

Waking Accessibility Awareness…


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