Got a nice jump on my new mural for the 2018 Welling Court Mural Project yesterday. I said goodbye to the old piece as I buffed it. My process has no sketch or plan. I work from impulses, feelings and the spontaneity of the moment. The lines seem to know what to do. I show up grateful to help, participate, connect with friends, have fun and also make new friends. The outcome of the mural is the last thing on my mind while Im working. Im excited to paint again today and complete the majority of the color fills. Friday will be a day for adding the outlines and final tweaks. Saturday the 9th is the block party. Lots of great coverage on the WCMP Instagram here.

Im happy to share some #signlanguage here in #Astoria #nyc at #wellingcourtmuralproject ( it spells G R A F F I T I )