The Internet has your attention, 110% of it. Everything else seems secondary and you know it. Even though you may resent the part of yourself that believes it, you comply. The Internet, the global communication protocol. A network connecting and providing infinite sources of information, ways to learn, apply, publish and communicate for better or for worse. The Internet will challenge you. It will force you to participate and redefine how you assert and present yourself. The Internet remembers, always.

The Internet has hacked your attention and your ability to control it. You look out into the distance and confirm this to yourself with a deep contemplative sigh while uttering, “more so than I can ever recall”. The previous phenomenon’s that you have taken notice of, or the things that have captivated and compelled you now become weak comparisons in contrast. Levels of personal interest and or importance trigger physiological states and deployments of emotions as you pilot the highs and lows of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins.

Your patience will be tested. At what rate and capacity will you accept and tolerate its myriad of immediacies and delays? How will your psychology, consciousness and levels of awareness assimilate without suffering the range of emotions deployed simultaneously?

Your definition of privacy has been forever altered and hacked. Are you free from being observed from multitudes of angles and or surprisingly disturbed by your global roster of teammates?

Rapid metrics of contrast and the awareness of infinite creativity, variation, juxtaposition and associations of interconnectedness dance seamlessly on your soul.

The Internet, is in its infancy and the greatest metaphor you have ever known.

Attention –> Patience –> Privacy –> Contrast –>