I had the opportunity to work with some really great new people / companies this summer on developing new logos and the rebranding process of those businesses. Although I cant share the official designs just yet, I can share a fun byproduct from the process itself. (The images in the post!) As a designer, Im a big fan of keeping things simple, clean and accessible. I thrive on the use of basic shapes and practical color palettes. This is often contrary to a lot of the other Art that I create. But, as we know, there are some big differences between “art” and “design”. Perhaps its that exact tension between the fine art world and the design world that intrigues me the most, along with all the “perceptions” of what that should and shouldn’t be. Perhaps this series of works below is a new poster, a postcard or a t-shirt graphic? A billboard, textile fabric, an embroidered patch for a hat or even a mural.. we shall see. The main element involved has been fun and the process’s outcome always surprises me. So what are we looking at below? These are the fragments, pieces, elements, shapes and forms that were used in the design processes from a lot of my summer for something very specific. However, not all of those things were actually needed and or used in the final designs. I am always left with thinking, “but what else do I see” how can I apply these elements to push their usable potential? I feel a mixture of 1970’s nostalgia along with some cartoon and modern iconography. A fusion of simple and yet complex fun.. What do you see?