Vintage postcard Remix fun – Greetings From New York…

I have been working on an example for one of the first assignments of the semester. Its a foundation design based assignment, but it can so easily transcend across so many disciplines. Its not required that students have to “remix” existing content to achieve their final outcome, but it sure is a lot of fun, and sets a great tone for a written narrative (which is a part of the assignment) while practicing and applying some new skills. I need to get to work on the back of the card, Im thinking it will be a standard back side with space for a handwritten note and the address and postage stamp area

The basic criteria of the assignment is to “design a postcard”. Yes, front side and back side, and also explain the context of the card, how it will be used and applied into the world. Who is the audience that you are designing for? When I think of postcards, it is instantly reflective. Im born in the early 1970s, people used to write and send postcards from all the places that they were visiting. I always anticipated a post card from friends and family. The context for me is reflective nostalgia and a bit of sentimental time-travel. I love vintage graphics, especially hand drawn lettering and illustrations from 1940-1970.

Skills Practiced and Applied: Composition, organization of elements, figure/ground, pen tool basics, cutting, pasting, measuring & mounting.

PS – this assignment is not computer dependent, a series of color photocopies, an x-acto knife, bristol paper and rubber cement will also do the trick.

Of course, there is a development stage with a lot of brainstorming. I always produce a series of byproduct art as well! So, Im sharing my examples below. Im not done just yet, but perhaps this will give you a bit of inspiration. Of course, I also had to animate a few of these!