Reacting to Corporate B.S.

This new gif is inspired by the far too many beyond frustrating issues I keep having with big companies.. I cant “hear” on a phone, so the “just call the toll free number” option does not work for me.. Companies like Optimum and Verizon are two of the absolute worst companies I have had to deal with, especially if you have a communication disability. The lack of compassion and understanding from their representatives is terrible. At the same time, I feel bad for them as they simply do not get any training in dealing with accessibility and or people with various disabilities. When attempting to communicate with both companies via their “chat now” option – all I get is one run around after another. The reps use a scripted verbiage that they read off of their screens to attempt to direct customers with a series of limited options that all come down to, the only way we can help you is if you call our number… Its really pathetic, and it is discrimination.

I find it so sad and infuriating to make deaf and hard of hearing people jump through numerous hoops to make simple changes or get simple help and service. Both companies clearly have the ability & technology to help deaf & hard of hearing customers with ANY and ALL inquiries via a text / chat web application but purposely choose not to. Both companies are mega conglomerates with subscribers that exceed the millions in numbers. With these numbers public, its embarrassing to not put an emphasis on accessibility.

Im no longer a customer of either company and will not be returning. However, I will be letting them know, through this medium called the Internet, its time to make some big changes!