A Meta NYC Moment, New Animation

My NEW piece titled: “A Meta-NYC Moment” 2021 is a 1/1 edition looping animation now set for auction on SuperRare –  https://superrare.com/artwork-v2/a-meta-nyc-moment-29903


This piece is a part of a larger narrative about evolving technology & facing some collective fears around it. What do major cities like NYC look like in 20 years? How will we interact & communicate? How will we use transportation? The art work is first drawn by hand & then digitized into fragments and assets as per the image below..

After the characters and other forms in the piece are created, I usually create an environment to help set the stage. Sometimes these scenes grow as the animation process begins. This animation hosts a rooftop view from the Brooklyn side of NYC looking into Mid-town Manhattan. A perspective I enjoy observing. See below.

I then place the character(s) and elements into the scene, take a few snapshots and play with the “assets” to see how the narrative will form. Sometimes an animation holds up better as a static illustration and sometimes its the opposite.. I’m kinda bias on this one because it was so fun to make!

You can bid on this piece here now -> https://superrare.com/artwork-v2/a-meta-nyc-moment-29903