Welcoming in 2022

Here we are, 2022!

Twenty twenty two, two thousand and twenty two.. 20-twennie-two, etc..

The illustration above is the first new art-work of the year! Expect a lot more 3D related works, as well as a lot more writing, how to’s and tutorials. Im on a missions to learn more animation and coding skills as well. It’s all about the learning the sharing.

I wanted to say thank you again! Thank You for reading, being here, supporting and following my journey. This website and blog will continue to grow, share and flourish!

But.. What would you like to see more of? I want to know. How can I help you, your business, product, service or learning time here on this planet? Please feel free to interact and share your thoughts below.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2022!

Stay Tuned, so much to come!