Retro-Image ZINE Making Nostalgia

< Early MAY 2022 >

I cant imagine that we are approaching the final weeks of the spring 2022 semester.. Despite the many issues happening simultaneously in this world right now, it has been and continues to be a really productive time. This includes high volumes of impressive student work, as well as their super charged professor producing more work than ever..

Im going to catch up on a lot of writing this summer, its over due, just as a make-over is for this website is also over due. Thats right, Im holding myself accountable for it now, here, publicly! I have so much new work to show and share. I have returned back to solid 60% applied art making to 40% digital art making percentage ratio. It feels good and necessary. There is a direct connection and energy to the many issues Im dealing with personally as well as collectively as a human being on this planet. I believe that the images below reflect this.

Above, I am laying this out as a small gallery of images but they are ultimately individual pages for a Zine. The ideas were generated intuitively and applied through my teaching and tutorials in classes. The ZINE was made collaboratively with my graduate Illustration students at NYIT this semester. The Zine was submitted and catalogued into the NYPL’s ZINE collection here in NYC. Ill share more on that soon in a specific post.

The images, or are they really better categorized as “illustrations” follow a similar pattern and aesthetic. What are your first impressions? What are some of the repeating patterns that you notice? Ill be back soon with details, and more details..