Memory, Memories, Data & Ephemera..

“Memory of Memories” 2022, the 3D / 4D version is a 1/1 edition, currently existing in my freezer..

I have been playing with casting a bit again. Repetition is a vehicle of process, especially with making art..

How many dimensions do our human memories have?

This frozen 3-dimensional cast of an old outdated hard drive is co-dependent on a specific temperature to exist physically. The temperature determines its longevity in the 4th dimension of “time”.

The images that you see here are 2-dimensional and will easily out live the 3D & 4D version mentioned above.

If we can see our personal memories as data, we know that they are stored, triggered and accessible via our thoughts and emotions, unlike the metaphor of a hard-drive that is not sentient… yet.

But that day will perhaps come, when technology will know how to develop and deploy emotions to data..

But if the temperature changes…